Why we love what we do

Established In the spring of 2018, E&S Designs began as just a simple hobby between husband and wife to bring in extra income on the side. Few jobs and a little time later, we realized that our hobby was quickly growing into a passion, a passion for creativity, imagination, and creation. We started taking things more seriously, pouring more of ourselves into growing our business.  Set goals, fallow steps, reached them, set higher goals. With devotion and determination, this could be our replacement of a “nine-to five” that not only puts food on the table but also joy in our lives.

E&S Designs started out with producing just vinyl graphics. Since then, we have expanded into producing clothing, glitter tumblers, hand painted wooded signs, and bags. Even some odd ball things like ornaments. A tree dose not rely on one root to grow, so we will continue to branch out and produce other products and crafts.


UPDATEWe now have the ability to engrave onto materials such as iodized aluminum, woods, stone, ceramic, glass, leather, acrylic, and more! This is a very exciting new chapter for us and will open the door to crafting more unique products for or customers! Engraved products will be added to our site menu as we develop the products. If you have a need for an engraved item, feel free to contact us this the details.

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